Production Sales

Thank you for your interest in Circle F Farms genetics. We are excited to offer our gentle Georgia Brahmans for sale each year at two production sales in Baxley, GA. Our production sale held in the summer will highlight our Brahman females with a small selection of Brahman bulls (sale details below). The fall production sale will feature our breeding-age Brahman bulls, F-1 genetics, and some females. Check this webpage for updates regarding each sale or fill out the form on the Contact Us webpage and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.

Visitors are always welcome! Contact us today to schedule an appointment to view cattle prior to sale.

For more information on sale details and cattle, please contact Woody Folsom (912)-253-8166,  Joe Eason (912)-240-0503, Milton Charanza (979)-450-8588 or Chris Shivers (713)-202-1747.

2021 Brahman Production Sale


October 30, 2021 • Baxley, GA • 1:00 PM (EST)

Please join us for our Brahman and F1 Production Sale on October 30, 2021, at the Circle F Sale arena in Baxley. We are excited to showcase a selection of our best Brahman females as well as a special set of herd sire prospects. Behind our cattle are proven genetics and progressive thinking, which promotes our commitment to stewardship of our land, cattle, and resources. With every purchase of a Circle F Farms animal comes a guarantee of performance and functionality.

We carefully selected genetics from the best Brahman operations in the country to breed and produce Circle F Farms cattle that fit the needs of cattle producers in the Southeast. Our females are fertile, maternal, and functional. Each animal is equipped with the right breeding and qualities to perform exceptionally well for any registered or commercial breeder.

The Registered Brahman and F1 Sale Offering:

Sale Information coming soon!! 

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Sale Location:

70 Prentiss Road
Baxley, GA 31513

Sale Contacts:

Woody Folsom, Owner

Keaton Walker, Marketing & PR Dir. 

Joe Eason, Ranch Manager

Milton Charanza, Sale Manager

Chris Shivers

Phone Bids on Sale Day:

Phone bids will be accepted on sale day. Call the number below on sale day and you will be connected to the auction block. Six lines will be available to take calls.

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70 Prentiss Road
Baxley, GA 31513

Joe Eason

Milton Charanza

Woody Folsom


Keaton Walker