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Circle F Farms has been built on superior females and proven cow families. Our initial female purchases were from the legendary V8 and J.D. Hudgins Ranches with many of the cows roaming our pastures today being flushmates to their champions and popular donors. Although we run close to 300 Registered Brahman cows we are very selective when assembling our donor roster with an emphasis placed on quality and production. Our donors are selected based on their production, pedigree, and phenotype. Not only is it important that these females are eye appealing with proven pedigrees, but they must produce. Only after a female has calved regularly twice and weaned a heavy calf of superior quality will we consider her to be a donor. It is our obligation to our customers and the beef industry that we breed functional, efficient and productive cattle. For us to meet this obligation we must use the most proven and elite females in the breed.

Miss V8 69/8

ABBA Number: 925753
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Brahman enthusiasts will read the pedigree of this top young donor and realize that she is a full sister to the National Champion, two-time International Champion, and dam of the 2020 International Champion Female, Miss V8 21/8 “Boom Shakalaka”.  Not only is Miss V8 69/8 a full sister to what could be one of the greatest females in the breed but she is a daughter of +Mr. V8 380/6 who sired more champions than any other bull from 2011-2017 and out of +Miss V8 382/7 the 2013 International Champion Grey Female.  There simply is not a pedigree that combines more purple banner winners than this one.  We like cattle that have showring appeal but understand that our cattle must meet the expectations of our customers.  Miss V8 69/8 certainly doesn’t miss the mark as she calves each spring and charts positive for the economical traits of Birth Weight, Weaning Weight, Yearling Weight, Milk, Carcass Weight, Ribeye Area, Marbling, Tenderness, Retail Product, and Calving Ease! We look for BIG things out of this genetic masterpiece.

Miss V8 23/8

ABBA Number: 925252
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This beautiful dark pigmented, big bodied, deep ribbed, heavy muscled, and big boned female is a flushmate to Miss V8 21/8 “Boom Shaka Laka” the National & Two-Time International Champion for V8 Ranch.  She is sired by +Mr. V8 380/6 who is one of the most proven sires in the Brahman breed as validated by him producing more show ring winners in the USA from 2011-2017 than any other sire.  The dam to 23/8 is equally impressive having been named the 2013 International Champion and is now a proven producer.  In addition to her proven pedigree and “eye catching” phenotype Miss V8 23/8 offers a performance profile that ranks in the top 3% of the breed for the economically relevant traits of WW, YW, Ribeye Area and 10% for Marbling.  With the marketability, eye appeal, and performance offered in this female we are extremely excited about the role that she will play in the foundation of our program.

Miss V8 24/8

ABBA Number: 925253
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Combining Performance & Production! We simply could not have asked for anymore when we were able to purchase Miss V8 24/8.  She is sired by the multi-trait leader, former show winner, and proven sire +Mr. V8 442/6 making her a half sibling to many of the breeds notable leaders.  The dam to 24/8 is a Maternal Merit Cow that is a daughter of the Maternal Performance Sire and multi-trait leader (=)JJ Cuatro Didor 919/1.  As you might expect with this pedigree, Miss V8 24/8 comes performance packed ranking in the top 20% of the breed for 11 traits.  Based on her superior performance, pedigree, and phenotype this elite female should produce offspring that will be demanded by all sectors of the industry,  Her offspring should be attractive, fast growing, heavy muscled, reach puberty earlier, have superior carcass quality, and the daughters should calf easy and milk plenty.  As if this wasn’t enough, Miss V8 24/8 offers an outcross pedigree to many of today’s popular bloodlines making her versatile. 

Miss V8 64/8

ABBA Number: 925835
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They don’t come much more picture perfect than Miss V8 64/8!  In addition to a beautiful phenotype she combines a breed leading pedigree with an outstanding genetic profile.  Miss V8 64/8 combines some of most proven genetics at V8 Ranch.  She is sired by JDH Mr. Manso 288/1 who sired show winners for V8 Ranch but most importantly some of their most proven cow lines.  The dam to Miss V8 64/8 is a cross of the International Champion, multi-trait leader, global icon, and Vanguard Sire (+)JDH Karu Manso 800 and +Miss V8 983/3 who has been one of the leading donors for V8 producing with 51 progeny registered to include 7 herd sires and 8 donor dams.  As a result of her performance packed pedigree 64/8 ranks in the top of the breed for 10 traits indicating that her offspring should be fast growing, early maturing, docile, with outstanding carcass quality and her daughters should be heavy milking.  It takes a “great’ cow to make the donor pen at Circle F Farms but based on the pedigree, production, practical phenotype and performance profile of Miss V8 64/8 she should be a mainstay.

Miss V8 106/8

ABBA Number: 925824
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Miss V8 106/8 is one of the favorites of everyone who visits the farm due to her dark pigmented, deep ribbed, big boned, and eye appealing look.  Of course people appreciate her look but it comes as no surprise  with her breed leading pedigree that consists of her sire +Mr. V8 380/6 who produced more show winners from 2011-2017 than any other sire and her dam that is sired by the maternal influencer +Mr. V8 189/4 and out of the International Champion +Miss V8 143/6.  Not only does Miss V8 106/8 combine a stylish look and a proven pedigree but also a performance profile that charts positive for Growth, Milk, and Ribeye Area.  Although most will appreciate the before mentioned tangible bragging points it’s the actual producing ability of 106/8 that we appreciate the most as she calved first at 35 months of age and each year after.  No matter your emphasis Miss V8 160/8 fits the bill!

JDH Miss Darlean Manso 420/8

ABBA Number: 921440
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This young cow quickly made her way to the top of the herd due to her production, functional build, and breed leading pedigree. To start, she calved first at 34 months of age and each year after.  She is one of the heaviest milking cows on the farm as confirmed by her genetic indicators ranking in the top 8% of the breed for milk.  Most who study this cow gravitate to her breed leading pedigree as she is one of the few daughters still in existence of the National & International Champion, globally utilized, and Vanguard Sire (+) JDH Mr. Woodman Manso 578/6.  To further strengthen her pedigree is her dam, JDH Ms. Rios Manso 665/6, who also produced the J.D. Hudgins Herdsire JDH Fulton Manso as well as 5 daughters that have been retained in the Hudgins Herd.  To complete the impressive package of JDH Miss Darlean Manso 420/8 is her eye appealing and practical build that is dark pigmented, moderate framed, long, level, deep, heavily muscled and all combined in a feminine package.  Some think this is what they should all be like and we would have to agree.

JDH Miss Tessie Manso 532/8

ABBA Number: 925034
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This young cow earned her way into our donor program by calving early and often.  Based on her fertility, extreme growth and milk, and popular pedigree JDH Miss Tessie Manso 532/4 produces progeny that are some of the most sought after in our herd.  She is sired by JDH Prophet Manso who combines the Vanguard Sire (+)JDH Lawford Manso 616/6 and the International Champion JDH Miss Suzanne Manso.  The dam to Tessie calved regularly for 11 years with a number of her offspring being retained by J.D. Hudgins as well as purchased by domestic and international breeders to enhance their herds.  To compliment her outstanding pedigree and performance Tessie offers an ideal phenotype that is heavy structured, deep bodied, heavy muscled, long, level, and eye appealing. We are impressed with JDH Miss Tessie Manso 532/8 and the role that she is playing in our program.

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